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Selling and leasing commercial, industrial and retail property in Sydney’s northwest.

Sales & Leasing

When it comes to selling or leasing commercial, industrial and retail property in Sydney’s northwest, Norwest Commercial & Industrial is ready to help. We achieve outstanding results by:

  • Designing a marketing plan to suit your needs and budget
  • Using the market’s largest database of qualified buyers and lessees to attract the right enquiry to your property
  • Vetting suitable enquiries
  • Expertly negotiating deals that all parties are happy with
  • Keeping you informed along the way
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Buyers and lessees return to Norwest Commercial & Industrial time and again. We are known for being fair and honest with all parties. We work hard to find a space that suits your needs. With access to the vast majority of properties in our markets, we are very often the only place you will need to go to find the right property for you.

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Property Management

We manage over 600 properties across New South Wales, from small strata properties to multi-million dollar commercial and industrial estates and shopping centres..

Our property managers work closely with owners to develop, implement and manage their real estate strategies to meet complex business and financial needs. We understand the “commercial deal” and work with owners to achieve their objectives.

We put our owners interests ahead of our own. We don't churn tenants through properties to generate income for ourselves. The management of commercial property is subject to a different legal and regulatory environment from residential property. Our managers are specifically trained in this specialised field and access the considerable experience built up over 30+ years of working in the area. Our property managers work closely with the sales and leasing teams, and the strata managers to achieve a positive end to end solution for clients.

An open working relationship with tenants ensures the best commercial outcomes for all parties over the long term. Norwest Commercial & Industrial property managers understand that this is the core of our property management offering and work towards achieving a sustainable and productive business arrangement for owners, tenants and our business.

Specifically, for owners, we undertake the following:

  • Supervise property maintenance, working closely with strata managers (where necessary), developers and tradesmen to maintain properties and enhance value.
  • Collect rent and outgoings and disburse this to owners the day the funds are available. Some property managers disburse funds only once or twice per month.
  • Conduct annual rent reviews and reconcile outgoings budgets.
  • Conduct negotiations for extensions to leases.
  • Pay all outgoings on behalf of owners including strata levies, water rates and council rates
  • Inspect properties at beginning and end of the lease, and during the lease term.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting to owners to assist them to assess the financial performance of their investment and meet their tax compliance obligations.

Contact us if you would like to discuss the management of your property, and find out how to get the most out of your investment.

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Strata Management

We are under common ownership with Beaumont Strata Management, specialists in the strata and community title management of commercial, industrial and retail property. If you would like to discuss management of your property, please contact Beaumont Strata.

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